“I was fortunate to be exposed to Francis at a young age when my older brother was playing for his team, and even from a very young age it was clear why Francis was so successful and respected as a coach. He demands your absolute best performance from you at all times. While that certainly comes with added pressure, it is clear why he demands so much, because when his style of play is executed to his liking the team is practically unstoppable. Francis is an incredible youth coach because he develops all facets of the player: how being mentally tuned in is the most important quality for an elite player, he also instructs players on how to fit in well in the team’s overall system and he encourages the development of each players mechanics, fundamentals and fitness. When I began to progress to college and professional soccer teams, the training from Francis was some of the most important I ever received; at the next level, every player was the best player at the level below and the coaches are doing it as a profession, but with the training from Francis I was ready.”

Oliver White, Professional - Australian National Premier League Victoria, FC Bulleen Lions 2017-Present

Aaron was a member of Francis’s National Championship team. After playing 4 years for Notre Dame he has spent the last 6 years playing inthe MLS with Toronto FC and most recently Real Salt Lake.

Aaron Maund, Toronto FC and Real Salt Lake MLS

“I am extremely proud to have been part of this great club and to have been coached by someof the top coaches in the country. FC Blazers taught me to perfect my fundamentals and strengths that make me the athlete I am today, not only on the field, but also off the field as a person and a student. I am so thankful for the commitment of the coaches to work with each athlete until their maximum potential is reached.”

Michael was a member of Francis’s National Championship team while also winning the golden boot. He then played for Francis at Boston University for 4 years. After that he played 3 season’s in the MLS with the New York Redbulls and Thierry Henry.

Michael Bustamante, New York Redbulls MLSMichael Bustamante New York Redbulls MLS

Sheannon played for Francis’s National Championship team in 2005 and has spent his entire 9 years as a pro in the MLS with the Philidelphia Union, Houston Dynamo and is currently with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Sheanon Williams, Philadelphia Union, Houston Dynamo, and Vancouver Whitecaps MLS

Bruno played for FC Blazers 2007-2009 He was a member of the three-peat Region 1 Championships Finalists. After that He palyed 4 years at Umass Lowell. He has played for Worcester Hydra in the USL PDL, Boston City in the NPSL. In Brazil he has played professionally for Novo Esporte Clube, Ipatinga Futebol Clube, and currently he plays for Cianorte FC in Brazil.

Bruno Bonicontro, Novo Esporte Clube, Ipatinga Futebol Clube and Cianorte FC Brazil

“Once I became serious about soccer it was a no-brainer to try out for the F.C. Blazers. Their teams were consistently among the highest ranked, they competed at the best tournaments around the country and of course there was Coach Francis Okaroh. He held my teammates and I accountable for mistakes made and developed us into players who together, ended up being ranked as the #1 team in the country. When it came time to look at colleges, I was recruited by coaches who told me they liked getting players from the Blazers because they’re already trained like college players. The Blazers fully prepared me to play Division 1 soccer at Colgate.”

Ryan Bellavance (NCAA D1 Colgate College 2015- present), 2016 Patriot League Conference Tournament Champions NCAA Tournament 1st Round

“I am very thankful for the club I play for, FC Blazers, who has given me the opportunity to perform for them, to learn about how to achieve success. It is an extraordinary organization with a very determined coach, Francis, who not only improves my skills, but also gives me, and each player, an ambitious mind set for success. Because of this, while I am sure that I still have many hills to climb, many battles to fight, many walls to tear down and many obstacles to overcome, I will succeed”

Carlos Ruiz (NCAA Dvision 1 Umass Lowell Riverhawks 2013-2016) , 2016 America East Regular Season Champion

“My only regret is that I did not start playing with FC Blazers sooner. Under Francis I learned what it takes to be a complete footballer, a WINNER. Being a Blazer is one of my proudest achievements in my career because I had to work for everything I achieved. Throughout my life I have brought the lessons I learned at Blazers too my academics and other professions. The teams I played on were respected and feared because of the way we played. I would not be the person I am today had I not taken a chance and challenged myself to play for this nationally renowned club. For those who really want to be the BEST player they can be FC Blazers is the ONLY option PERIOD.”

Billy Levitsky (NCAA Division III Framingham State University 2010-2014) , 2011 MASCAC Conference Tournament Champions NCAA Tournament 1st round.

“Playing for FC Blazers was one of the highlights of my childhood. Francis understands and teaches the game of soccer extremely well. He knows how to push his players so they play up to their full potential, instilling a culture of never being satisfied and always striving to improve. The lessons I learned from FC Blazers have played a huge role in my ability to achieve my goals on and off the field.”

Joe Festa (NCAA D1 Harvard University), Real Boston Rams PDL 2014