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When traveling with FC Blazers to "away" games, leagues and tournaments, adherence to compete the travel code of conduct helps ensure that players are poised and ready to compete at their best level. As a result, we expect that all players adhere to the following Code of Conduct, as well as any additional guidelines that are provided by team managers prior to a tournament.

Players are expected to wear FC Blazer's attire when traveling.
Players are expected to abide by established curfews, show exemplary behaviour and attend Club/Team organized meals.
Players are expected to practice behavior that enhances their ability to play such as adequate rest and appropriate nutrition.
Players are expected to maintain Club standards consistent with good sportsmanship on and around the field.
Any misbehavior will be dealt with on a case basis, depending on the severity of the behavior, which may include termination from the Club. FC blazers will not be deemed responsible for any issues arising from a player's failure to adhere to the Travel Code of Conduct.