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FC Blazers

“I was fortunate to be exposed to Francis at a young age when my older brother was playing for his team, and even from a very young age it was clear why Francis was so successful and respected as a coach. He demands your absolute best performance from you at all times. While that certainly comes with added pressure, it is clear why he demands so much, because when his style of play is executed to his liking the team is practically unstoppable. Francis is an incredible youth coach because he develops all facets of the player: how being mentally tuned in is the most important quality for an elite player, he also instructs players on how to fit in well in the team’s overall system and he encourages the development of each players mechanics, fundamentals and fitness. When I began to progress to college and professional soccer teams, the training from Francis was some of the most important I ever received; at the next level, every player was the best player at the level below and the coaches are doing it as a profession, but with the training from Francis I was ready.”

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