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We help instill  values of teamwork, discipline, commitment, respect, and leadership that helps to build confidence in our players and create opportunities for healthy living and academic achievement that will assist players in reaching higher education endeavors.

Our goal is to foster an environment to develop leaders and well-rounded individuals. FC Blazers is a unique organization because 61% of our athletes come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Fundraising is essential in our mission to provide equal opportunities for all athletes regardless of socioeconomic status. All funds raised are granted to players solely on need. Over the past ten years, FC Blazers has helped prepare players for post graduate opportunities in higher education institutions that would not have been financially feasible without soccer scholarship opportunities.  We pride ourselves on our dedication to our players personal and team goals enabling participants to strive for personal and team successes throughout their youth soccer experiences.

We understand that club soccer is a financial commitment for all families.  We respect the time and energy everyone gives to the FC Blazers organization.  Our fundraising goal is to help provide funds to assist with club fees, travel expenses, and other costly necessities that enable ALL players to compete in highly competitive tournaments and leagues. With a club wide initiative involving all of our FC Blazers families, either by making a financial contribution or donating time and expertise, our goals can be easily met.