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What is included in my fees?2020-08-13T12:28:35+00:00

Fees cover training as per our age appropriate program schedule; Registration dues and entry fees for Leagues and up to 3 Tournaments per playing year;

What is not included in the fee?2020-08-13T12:28:22+00:00

Uniforms, Travel and accommodation for Tournaments/Games that may require an overnight stay.

Can the fees be paid over time?2020-08-13T12:28:09+00:00

Yes. We have several different options for payment. Please contact our registrar to discuss payment options.

Is there any scholarship money available for players?2020-08-13T12:27:55+00:00

FC Blazers is a not for profit entity with limited sources of funding outside of fundraising. There is a limited amount of money available for players who qualify for financial assistance. Players first have to be selected to play on a team, complete the financial aid application, then submit the required documentation by the stated deadline in order to avail of any scholarship money.

Are there required fundraisers in addition to the fees?2020-08-13T12:27:42+00:00

Yes. We require that all players participate in our annual fundraising activities. It is our expectation that if players “opt out” of fundraising responsibilities, a donation in lieu of participation would be made in order to support those players who are in need of financial assistance.

Will I know who my child’s coach will be when I sign him/her up?2020-08-13T12:27:24+00:00

To the extent that it is possible for us to do so, Yes. All of our coaches are qualified and passionate about teaching and playing soccer. While we cannot completely guarantee that your child will get the coach of his or her choice, you can be confident that the coach will inspire and motivate your player.

What team will my son/daughter be on and what Division will the team play in?2020-08-13T12:27:10+00:00

FC Blazers teams play at the highest competitive level that the Director of Coaching selects based on the particular League/Tournament Division and/or the team profile.

Is my son/daughter guaranteed to stay on that team or is there a chance I can be moved down to a lower level team?2020-08-13T12:26:54+00:00

With some rare exceptions, FC Blazers stick to a policy of One Team per Age Group. Therefore it is unlikely your son/daughter will be moved off a team.

Am I going to get to play my position (i.e. forward, goalkeeper) or am I going to play wherever the coach feels he needs me?2020-08-13T12:26:38+00:00

The Director of Coaching, along with the team coach makes the decision as to where each player is better suited to play in order to promote the development of each individual player.

Do you know who the manager is and how well do you get along with him/her? Is he/she well organized, accessible, e-mail or phone savvy?2020-08-13T12:26:24+00:00

Once a parent-manager has been assigned to a team, you will be contacted. Our managers are well supported and have access to whatever technology is needed to manage team events and activities.

Where, when, how often and how long do we train?2020-08-13T12:26:00+00:00

Training runs for 90 minutes. Players are expected to arrive at the field at least 15 minutes prior to the start of training.

Are there rules for attendance at practices?2020-08-13T12:25:44+00:00

It is expected that players attend all training sessions even if they are unable to participate. Our training structure and drills constantly change and players who are unable to participate should observe and learn.

Are there acceptable reasons (without consequences) to miss practice such as school conflicts, religious reasons, etc.?2020-08-13T12:25:29+00:00

Players who are unable to attend a training session must let their manager know in advance.

Is there additional goalkeeper training available and if so does it cost the goalkeeper’s additional money?2020-08-13T12:25:11+00:00

FC Blazers have a specialized goalkeeping program which runs in tandem with our other training sessions.

What makes your program better than other programs?2020-08-13T12:24:58+00:00

Because we know our players better!

Do you place development above winning?2020-08-13T12:24:44+00:00

Our program is all about developing players to work as a team; to play to the best of their ability and to challenge themselves both on and off the field. Winning is the end result of good teamwork.

Are the practices organized and structured?2020-08-13T12:24:28+00:00

Our training sessions vary constantly but are always focused, organized, structured and challenging both mentally and physically.

What time should players arrive at the field for a game?2020-08-13T12:24:10+00:00

Players are required to be on the field one hour prior to the start of a game.

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